Hi, I am Zhiqiang, a first year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Stanford University.

My research aims to improve observability and efficiency of Computer Systems with a focus on Cloud Computing and Machine Learning Systems. Currently, I am part of the Stanford Platform Lab, where I am advised by Prof. Christos Kozyrakis.

Prior to joining Stanford, I obtained my master’s and bachelor’s degrees at ShanghaiTech University and had a great time interning in the Cloud Software System Group at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), the Systems and Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research Asia and the DGL team at AWS Shanghai AI Lab.



Jul, 2022 Hindsight was accepted to NSDI ‘23! We are preparing an artifact for this novel edge-case tracing system, stay tuned : )
Jun, 2022 We will present our vision on applying distributed tracing to energy consumption modeling at HotCarbon ‘22, a workshop co-hosted with OSDI this year. Jump in the discussion if you are interested in!
Apr, 2022 I decided to join Stanford University to pursue my Ph.D. in this fall! Consider to reach out to me if you are around :wink:
Jan, 2022 Graphiler was accepted to MLSys ‘22! It enriches data flow graphs to enable up to two orders of magnitude of acceleration for graph neural networks. I will present Graphiler at the conference in late August. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you will attend as well.
Mar, 2021 Dual-side Sparse Tensor Core was accepted to ISCA ‘21.
Aug, 2020 Rammer was accepted to OSDI ‘20!